ReflectionsNYC're about to read about a dream not only in the makings, but has started to become true. What started off as a guy that thought he simply had ONLY a passion for photography and for music, to then realizing he had a REAL talent for it.

On the personal side…
Originally from North Carolina, I moved to New York City in April 2007. With my deep love for music, I went to local music venues to photograph my favorite artists, those I grew up listening to on the radio. The occasional meet and greets afterwards were "that one chance" I could actually meet the artists in person and get photo of and with them, how cool is that. Then add to this ALL the historical landmarks and street scenes that make NYC, well NYC. I quickly realized the depth of this passion was much MORE to this artistry called photography.
Ok, speed this up 2 years later with people complimenting your photos left and right, many were musicians and in either the music, fashion or entertainment industry, and you start to connect the dots and LISTEN, when they tell you “you've got a real talent for professional photography”. Hmm, really.
So, after much thought of why I do this, “ReflectionsNYC” was born. Refections is pretty simple, reflecting on either what just happened whether it's a few minutes ago, or decades ago. NYC, simple, the dream began to take shape when I moved here.

Ok, lets “get serious about this”, the business, professional side

Reflections NYC, spearheaded by, now, New Yorker, Jeff Smith, is a music, fashion, event photography business is making it's mark in New York City. Derived from the founder's overall love of photography, thats evolved from a healthy obsession, now has grown into full blown endeavor in a city that has opportunities to exhaust his passions and indulge in his three loves.

Reflections NYC was born in 2007 with only one goal, as my slogan is it's “Capturing the jaw dropping moments that make you say awesome".

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